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    Who We Are

    sokoloff + associates is an art advisory company active across the international modern and contemporary art market. We tailor our curatorial approach to each collector’s interests, resources, and long-term goals, providing comprehensive guidance on collection strategy, management, and meaningful institutional affiliations.

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    Our Mission

    The modern and contemporary art market has grown remarkably over the years, with more works on offer than ever before. With the benefits of exclusive, personalized curatorial guidance and education, collectors can make the most of a booming arts market as they develop unique and meaningful collections. sokoloff + associates’ selective curatorial approach prioritizes our collectors’ long-term goals— personal, intellectual, charitable, or a mix of all three— taking into account the resources they are willing and able to devote to acquisition budgets.

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    Our Culture

    Our advisors are strongly committed to the highest professional ethical standards of our sector, as informed by the Association of Professional Art Advisors. We only represent one party—our client—in all transactions, thereby ensuring confidentiality, loyalty, and targeted expertise. We never accept commissions from galleries or third parties in exchange for a client’s business. Any negotiated discounts and financial incentives are exclusively for the client’s benefit. Our commitment to transactional transparency and exhaustive due diligence is at the center of our company culture.

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    Our Clients

    sokoloff + associates has introduced dozens of collectors to the inner workings of the art world, navigating through the steady proliferation of artists, art fairs, galleries, and auctions. Our clients are mostly private individuals, families, and small institutions with a deep commitment to the fine arts, who see their collections as integral elements of their cultural and intellectual undertakings. Many go on to develop private foundations, exhibition spaces, and long-standing relationships with art institutions around the world. We have acquired over 2,500 works on behalf of private and institutional collectors. Our clients have worked with us for years due to our proven curatorial expertise and ethical integrity in the face of an increasingly complex international art market.